Platinum DP fully accepts the need to protect the environment.

Environmental Care

Ensure that staff and consultants recognise that consideration of the environment is integral to its work activities and that each staff member has a personal responsibility to maintain high standards of environmental care.

Environmental Legislation

Maintain compliance with the relevant applicable environmental legislation.

Prevent Pollution

Undertake our activities consistent with good environmental practice so as to prevent pollution.

Management System

Implement an environmental management system, based on the requirements of ISO 14001, to cover all aspects of our work activities, including, but not limited to, office based work and print and design facilities.

Environmental Matters

Communicate and consult with staff and consultants on environmental matters.


Manage the Platinum DP estate, equipment and stock.

Impact Assessments

Carry out environmental impact assessments of work activities at the planning stage with the aim of keeping resource consumption, waste and pollution to a minimum.

Review Realistic Targets

Set and review realistic targets to ensure that we are continually improving our environmental performance.


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